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Silver Road


Wesleyan University Press
Wesleyan Poetry, March 6, 2018
104 pages, 7 x 9"
$30.00, cloth 978-0-8195-7770-2
$15.95, paper 978-0-8195-7762-7
$12.99, ebook 978-0-8195-7771-9

Wesleyan University Press / IndieBound / Amazon

From the publisher: Queer, Muslim, American, Kazim Ali has always navigated complex intersections and interstices on order to make a life. In this scintillating mixture of lyrics, narrative, fragments, prose poem and spoken word, he answers long standing questions about the role of the poet or artist in times of political or social upheaval, although he answers under duress—an inquisition is dangerous, after all. Ali engages history, politics, and the dangerous regions of the uncharted heart in this visceral new collection.


"What a gift Kazim Ali’s Inquisition is, what a generosity, in its sustained and sustaining inhabitation of the mystery. That, without ignoring heartbreak or rage, it understands that we are always “at the end of knowing,” and shows us how we might reside there. And from which residence, Inquisition reminds me: love."

—Ross Gay, author of Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude

"Ali’s use of the inherent musicality of language gives the poems an incantatory beauty…The poems feel vibrant and effortless, with one sound, one word, blending into the next. The resulting music, that lives in the mind, in the mouth, and the air, offers its own meaning, a sense of understanding on an elemental level that is satisfying and complex."

—Vandana Khanna, author of The Goddess Monologues

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