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Uncle Sharif's Life in Music

Sibling Rivalry Press
ISBN Complete: 978-1-943977-20-8 
Publication Date: 11/15/2016 
5.5 X 8.5 / 276 pages

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"Lyrical, political, humorous, light and deep-Kazim Ali strikes out in many directions, allowing Uncle Sharif's Life in Music to sing in many registers. The resulting harmonies-and even the discord-are beautiful." —Justin Torres, We the Animals

"Kazim Ali brings a poet's awareness of sound and image to his sumptuous collection of stories, many of which link together and overlap in wonderful and surprising ways. Longing permeates the book-an aching for connection-but so too does humor and, ultimately, hope. A master of so many genres and forms-poetry, fiction, essay, memoir-Ali seems to manage the ultimate feat: to slip free from the limitations of these categories. These wise, deeply-felt, shapeshifting stories swim across vast oceans." —Rahul Mehta, Quarantine: Stories

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